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Replacement Filters for Brita Water Filter, Pitchers, Dispensers, Brita Water Pitcher, NSF Certified Pitcher Water Filter Pack of 3 Brita Filter Replacement


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Replacement Filters for Brita Water Filter, Pitchers, Dispensers, Brita Water Pitcher, NSF Certified Pitcher Water Filter Pack of 3 Brita Filter Replacement


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WHICH CONTAMINANTS ARE FILTERED OUT? Boasting both NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 certifications, the Joey'z water purifier set is able to filter out Chlorine taste and odor, PFAS, Chloramine, particulates, Iron/Rust, Manganese, Zinc and heavy metals like Cadmium, Mercury, Copper and some amounts of Lead. The Joey'z water pitcher filter also meets NSF372 certification requirements for being free of lead.
COMPATIBLE BRANDS: These Joey'z water filters can be used in any Brita pitcher or Brita water filter dispenser besides for the Brita Stream series. Compatible Brita water filter pitcher models include Everyday, Taho, Grand, Lake, Capri, Wave, Metro, Soho, Pacifica, Space Saver, Stainless Steel, Monterey, and Ultramax. Other compatible brands include Kirkland, Great Value and Amazon Basics. The items and brands mentioned above are for reference purposes only, and are not affiliated with Joey'z.
HOW TO USE – STEP 1: Soak the Joey'z Brita filter replacement in clean water for 5 minutes. Step 2: Insert the filter in to your water purifier pitcher and make sure that the slot on the side of the filter lines up with the notch on the side of the filter well in the pitcher. Then press the filter into place. Step 3: Discard the first liter of water filtered with any new filter. This filter is meant to purify tap water. Do not use to filter saltwater or contaminated water.
HOW THESE FILTERS WORK: When water is run through these filters it passes through 4 stage filtration. STEP 1: Water passes through PP MESH which removes suspended particles. STEP 2: ACTIVATED CARBON removes chlorine and other dissolved substances and improves taste. STEP 3: ION EXCHANGE RESIN removes heavy metals, minerals and lime scale. STEP 4: MICRO NET removes and remaining particles.
6 MONTH SUPPLY: Joey'z water filters should be replaced every 40 gallons (approximately every 2 months). This is the same lifespan as most Brita water filter replacement and your Brita filter change reminder will be accurate with these filters. Save up to 300 water bottles a year!

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