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Countertop Filters

Easy-to-use filters that sit directly on your kitchen countertop, providing clean water in seconds.

Under-Sink Systems

Discreet and efficient, these systems connect directly to your kitchen faucet, delivering purified water at the source.

Whole-House Purifiers

Comprehensive solutions that purify all the water in your home, from showers to laundry.

Outdoor Portable Purifier

Compact and versatile, this purifier accompanies you on all your adventures, providing clean and safe drinking water on the go.

providing clean and safe drinking water

Improved Taste and Odor

Remove chlorine, sediment, and other impurities that can affect the taste and smell of your water.

Better Health

Protect your family from potentially harmful contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals.


Reduce the need for bottled water, saving money and reducing plastic waste.

Customer Testimonials

“The customer service at Home Water Purification is top-notch. They were able to recommend the perfect system for our needs and walked us through the installation process step-by-step.” – Jane Smith

“Since installing a Home Water Purification system, the taste of our water has improved dramatically. We no longer have to rely on bottled water, which is a huge cost savings for our family.” – Emma Trance

sustainable health drinking solution
advanced 3 layer filtering technology
innovative countertop water filtration system design

Recent Projects

home drinking water 100 gallon filter

Water Pitcher Replacement

It’s time to stock up on replacement filters and enjoy clean water.

taste better water

Portable Water Filter

High pH Water Alkalizer for Pure Drinking Water – 98 litres / 26 Gallons (3-pack)

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